Early in life I developed an interest and proficiency in visual expression; exploring many avenues from illustration, to paint and animation using every medium I could sink my hands into. Long before computers became a mainstream tool for visual communication, I was immersed in mastering the fundamentals of visual expression: sketching, life drawing, anatomy, typography, color theory and layout. The technological advances of graphic software and the advent of web marketing eventually became just another tool to further advance and express my creative appetite. I realized that this passion for creation would eventually shape my life, so it is no surprise that I now find myself in the business of art and design.


Far more than just a stunning piece of art, graphic communication (whether an ad, logo, website or brand identity) is the voice of your business that (when carefully crafted) can convey any message of your choosing. Exactly how these graphic elements will work for you depends solely on your goals for creating them. Are you looking for new clients? Increased sales? Launching a new product? A new identity? Who are your clients? How do you want them to perceive you and your company? If you don’t have all the answers, don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. I will guide you through the process and ask the questions you need to hear. Together we can get down to business and create a brand-aware solution that is compelling, relevant, and enduring.


With my solid foundation in fine arts and the digital tools and marketing savvy to express them, I can take your project from a simple thumbnail sketch or concept to a fully integrated, functional product. This provides you the assurance and peace of mind that no matter what unexpected changes occur, or which direction your project might take, I will have the experience and skills to see them through and deliver your project on time and on target.